Arte Sureño

UNESCO has included in its World-wide Patrimony listing a whole of Rock Art from different continents recognizing therefore the importance of giving to know and to safeguard these millenarian expressions of  human creation.

In 1998 UNESCO included in this list the Rock Art of the Mediterranean Arc of the Iberian Peninsula, very rich zone in this type of artistic expression that goes from the Pyrenees to the province of Granada and that luckily has obtained an important protection.

Inexplicably, the provinces of Cadiz and Malaga has been left outside this measurement of artistic wholes. Important enclaves as the Cave of La Pileta, the Cave of Ardales, the Cave of Nerja or the Cave of the Moro, that obvious belongs to the Mediterranean Arc, has not been included in this list of official protection.

Without the incorporation of these stations named Arte Sureño (Southern Art) by Lothar Bergmann , one cannot really speak about an Mediterranean Arc. Therefore, this platform is added to the campaign initiated by AGEDPA (Asociación Gaditana para el Estudio y la Defensa del Patrimonio Arqueológico), to request the inclusion of these Southerns locations in the World-wide Patrimony list of UNESCO.

English version by Micaela Quitzke 

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